Our clients are our family.  Whether we are providing begining lessons, helping them advance in the sport, or simply providing their treasured partner the best care available - our clients come first in everything we do.  We believe in supporting them in whatever direction they want go.  What are some of the things that we do for our clients that you won't find elsewhere:


  • Show participation support

  • Local hauling

  • Digital equine maintenance scheduling and tracking

  • Special events and clinics


"Super friendly and great people! Extremely well kept and taken care of, with ample attention to the facilities and animals. They are always improving and adding on to provide the best experience" - Alan E.


"Sarah is such a great person and trainer. Our granddaughter has learned so much about how to ride and care for horses." - Elaine B.


"Awesome place and love the trainer! Sarah has been a great mentor for our daughter!" - Elizabeth C.


"Best place ever!!!" - Brooke S.

Kristina Littlejohn
Kaylee Sandell
Nicole Nunez
Julia Vandergrift
Rebecca Baker
Sarah Buck
Chase Littlejohn
Lila Higginbotham
Carlee Cefola
Anna Grace Winton
Emma Taylor
Lilly Dunsby
Ali Mazzucco
Carly Harris
Taylor Reynolds
Holly Sims
Tiffany Nelsen
Makinna Atkins
Lexa Weaver
Ashley McCaskill
Abby Curtis
Emmi Cayer
Becky Lawrence
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